Business Operations - BO

The ORA Business Operations Team provides financial management, human resources support, operational and administrative support for all divisions of the Office of Research Administration.

Melanie Lawrence
Chief Business Officer

Conflict of Interest - COI

COI Office oversees the administration and enforcement of conflict of interest policies as a central university-wide office.

Brenda Seiton
Assistant Vice President for Research Administration

Environmental Health & Safety Office - EHSO

EHSO develops and implements environmental health and safety programs and policies for Emory University, the University Hospital and Clinics, and other university satellite facilities.

Patty Olinger
Assistant Vice President for Research Administration
Executive Director 

Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee - IACUC

IACUC is a research oversight committee charged with the responsibility of ensuring the proper care, use and humane treatment of animals used in research, testing and education. The IACUC also assists investigators in fulfilling their obligation to plan and conduct animal experiments in accord with the highest scientific, humane and ethical principles.

David Martin

Institutional Review Board - IRB

IRB facilitates ethically responsible human subjects research by assuring the rights and welfare of study participants.

Rebecca Rousselle

Office of Clinical Research - OCR

OCR ensures leading-edge efficient clinical research investigations, yielding improved patient care and outcomes.

Robin Ginn
Assistant Vice President for Research Administration
Executive Director 

Office of Sponsored Programs - OSP

OSP assists faculty and staff in the submission of grants to sponsoring agencies and negotiates research contracts with government and non-industry partners.

Holly Sommers
Assistant Vice President for Research Administration

Office of Technology Transfer - OTT

OTT  provides assistance to research faculty by identifying, patenting, and licensing new technologies developed at Emory, and is available for consultation regarding faculty start-up companies. The office also executes Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs), which document the acquisition of valuable research materials.

Cliff Michaels
Interim Executive Director

Research Administration Services - RAS

RAS units provide a single point of contact where faculty can obtain assistance and answers to questions regarding pre- and post-award research administration topics. As of June 2016, RAS has been fully implemented across the University.   For additional information about the RAS, please visit

Denise Ehlen
Associate Vice President, Research Administration 

Research Grants and Contracts - RGC

The Research Grants and Contracts (RGC) Office strives to provide high-quality post-award research administration services and expert knowledge to Emory schools and other research administration units.  RGC works in partnership with schools and units through open communication, collaboration, support services and education to effectively support Emory’s research enterprise.

Bill Lambert
Associate Vice President, Research Grants and Contracts