Dr. Todd Sherer

Todd Sherer, PhD, CLP, RTTP is the Interim Vice President for Research Administration at Emory University.  In this position, Dr. Sherer serves as the chief administrative officer responsible for the infrastructure that supports the research mission of Emory University.  He oversees the Office of Sponsored Programs, Office of Research Compliance, Office for Clinical Research, the Institutional Review Board (IRB), the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Office (IACUC), Environmental Health and Safety Office, the Conflict of Interest in Research Office, the Office of Technology Transfer, and Occupational Health.  He is the designated Institutional Official for both the IRB and IACUC programs.

For the past three decades, Dr. Sherer has worked extensively with researchers to translate their promising scientific and medical discoveries into potential new products that benefit society.  This crucial activity helps assure that research is translated into practical applications, including new life-saving medical products that benefit the public who helped to fund it.  He has helped pioneer new funding models to support the translation of research and worked globally to identify, test, and implement best practices to increase the impact of academic technology commercialization.  Dr. Sherer has also worked with colleagues to affect federal policy and guidelines that address new intellectual property flowing from federally-funded research.